Thursday 1 January 1970

Defend the differences and The Turning point in China’s architecture


Thursday 28 July, 16.30
Gallery 1 – admittance free

Two lectures providing an in-depth examination of contemporary Chinese architecture accompany the exhibition Verso Est. Chinese Architectural Landscape, open at MAXXI through to 23 October 2011.

Insisting on experiment
Wang Shu / Amateur Architecture Studio
Over the course of the last ten years, the Amateur Architecture Studio has developed an innovative and site-specific experimental method. The practice, combined with parallel research into contemporary urban and rural architecture, began with small-scale architectural experiments that were extended in specific metropolitan public spaces and residential skyscrapers. In a broad range of projects like the Xiangshan campus fro the Academy of Fine Arts and the Ningbo Natural History Museum, the Amateur Architecture Studio has attempted to spread the concept of “reconstructing local Chinese contemporary architecture”.

Chinese Architecture, at the turning point in World Architecture
Fang Zhenning
The conference aims to provide the European public with an overview of contemporary Chinese architecture, which has today reached a turning point, starting out with an in-depth examination of the contents of the current exhibition.

Consecutive translation from Chinese to Italian will be provided.