Thursday 1 January 1970

Cinema e Moda

Three appointments with films and seminars recounting the passionate relationship between fashion and the silver screen
curated by Mario Sesti

Wednesday 28 January, 21.00
Tribute to Piero Tosi
Seminar with Piero Tosi and screening of the doc L’abito e il volto
Auditorium – free admittance

The first costume designer in the history of film to win a career Oscar and the designer of the most influential costumes in Italian film between the 1940s and 1970s. Tosi is to costumes as Fellini or Visconti were to directing.
Piero Tosi al lavoro sul setL’abito e il volto (41’), the documentary by Francesco Costabile introduces the seminar with Tosi in an evening that pays tribute to the hands and eyes responsible for the clothes, costumes and appearance of the greatest Italian films of all time.

Piero Tosi costume designer

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Wednesday 4 February | 8 ½

Previous events
Wednesday 21 January | La decima vittima

On the occasion of the exhibition Bellissima. L’Italia dell’alta moda 1945 – 1968
In collaboration with Fondazione Cinema per Roma