30 July 2020

Summer at MAXXI. Music Tosca. The sound of the voice

A documentary born from Tosca's long international tour: a long journey without borders around music and words.

28 July 2020

Summer at MAXXI. Music RomAraBeat with Moni Ovadia. The Maghreb meets the Balkans

The exceptional ensemble of Maghrebi, Romanian Roma and Italian musicians combines Arabic melodies and gypsy rhythms, with the Mediterranean at the centre.

23 July 2020

Summer at MAXXI. Books Il Giardino dell’arte by Claudio Strinati

David is a Canadian PhD student in Art History. He leaves for Italy to discover all the treasures that have been the subject of his studies.

22 July 2020

Summer at MAXXI. Theatre Spiagge. Theatrical reading by and with Isabella Ragonese

In Italy, the coast, the sea and its beaches represent a condition and a place that characterise life, society and the way people think and act. 

21 July 2020

Summer at MAXXI. Books Paolo Benanti

An event to discuss the human condition "after" Sars-Cov-2.

17 July 2020

Summer at MAXXI. Theatre L’abisso with Davide Enia

A show taken from the book by Davide Enia "Appunti per un Naufragio" which uses the languages of theatre to deal with the mosaic of this present time.

16 July 2020

Summer at MAXXI. Books Kobane Calling. Oggi by Zerocalcare

Four years after the first edition, updating the information on the situation of the Syrian Kurds and their disputed land, the Rojava, is more important than ever.

15 July 2020

Summer at MAXXI. Books Forte respiro rapido. La mia vita con Dino Risi byMarco Risi

Dino Risi is the director of the so-called "Italian comedy". Marco Risi is the young man who challenged his father on his own ground. Can one be a son and also perceive the father as a master?

14 July 2020

Summer at MAXXI. Cinema Extra Doc Festival award ceremony

Ten competing Italian documentaries and a jury of experts to award the "Best Italian Documentary of the Year" and assign the "Extra Doc CityFest" award to the best unreleased documentary.

08 July 2020

Summer at MAXXI. Music Vivere la Musica with Motta and Luca Valtorta

A partire dal suo ultimo libro Vivere la Musica, il cantautore Francesco Motta racconta che cosa significa vivere con la musica.

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