15 December 2018

Design Stories The body of the project | with Paolo Ferrarini

The stories of ‘anothers’ design: from great icons to more experimental research

15 December 2018

Libri al MAXXI Vedere il vero e il falso. Di Luigi Zoja

Otto immagini celebri per raccontare come la fotografia riassuma tanto la verità quanto il suo tradimento.

13 December 2018

Free guided tour for teachers. Discovering The Street

Teachers of all types and levels will have the opportunity to discover "The Street. Where the world is made"

11 December 2018

Lectures on Borromini Paolo Portoghesi. Borromini’s modernity

A series of lectures to investigate the modernity of Francesco Borromini’s thought and work 350 years after his death

11 December 2018

Libri al MAXXI. Italia Paesaggio Costiero

Il fotografo Luca Tamagnini presenta una spettacolare raccolta di oltre 200 fotografie dei paesaggi marini e costieri italiani.

09 December 2018

Free guided tour. From the Collection to Low Form

A guided tour of the Permanent Collection and the exhibition "Low Form. Imaginaries and Visions in the Age of Artificial Intelligence".

08 December 2018

Eppur si muove The embrace

An experiential performance project touring three centres of art and culture in Rome

07 December 2018 - 09 December 2018

Jeremy Deller. How to leave Facebook

Three days and different places of the city to sensitize to the privacy and the importance of personal information on internet

05 December 2018

Conversazioni d’autore. Wangechi Mutu

The artist Wangechi Mutu talks about the latest developments of her work on the occasion of the series of events dedicated to the topic of the body in the arts field and within the society

04 December 2018

Book presentation. Paolo Di Paolo. Mondo Perduto. Fotografie 1954 – 1968

An extraordinary photographer and poet able to recount the Italy of the ‘50s and ‘60s

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