Mario Cresci. An Exorcism of Time

catalogue curated by Marco Scotini with Simona Antonacci
texts by Marco Scotini, Simona Antonacci, Anselm Franke, Elisa Giuliano, Joseph Grima, Lindsay Harris
bilingual Italian/English edition
Contrasto, 2023
24×17 cm
240 pages

€ 45

Published on the occasion of the major exhibition dedicated to Mario Cresci, this volume is a visual tale that focuses on the author’s work in Southern Italy, starting from a detailed field research where investigations on the territory, people’s identity and material culture intertwine, leading to an unprecedented visual meditation on time. The result is a vast collective portrait in black and white that mainly depicts domestic interiors, family groups and everyday objects, conceived as true archives of memory. Images, essays and biographical notes trace a profile of Mario Cresci that eludes any kind of categorisation, a work of compelling topicality focused on listening to and understanding the other.