Daido Moriyama with Shomei Tomatsu. TOKYO REVISITED

edited by Hou Hanru and Elena Motisi
texts by Simon Baker, Hou Hanru, Elena Motisi, Daido Moriyama, Shomei Tomatsu
bilingual edition in Italian and English
Akio Nagasawa edizioni, Tokyo 2022
3 publications in box set
25x 18 cm

Published on the occasion of the exhibition at MAXXI, the catalogue included three different publications in a boxed-set collection: a book with texts and interviews by the authors and curators and two photographic volumes entirely dedicated to Moriyama and Tomatsu’s shots. The result is an immersion in street photography, a vibrant narrative of contemporary Japan, from 1950s-1970s Tokyo, portrayed by Tomatsu with “the look of a stray dog”, to Moriyama’s images, “blurred, grainy, out of focus and deformed, as if they wanted to show what happens when something goes wrong”.

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