Meneghetti, César

(São Paulo, 1964)
Is a Brazilian visual artist and film-maker. He has studied in São Paulo, London, and Rome.
His works have been displayed in over 40 countries worldwide and at different festivals, including the Venice Biennale, the Sharjah Biennial, the Locarno Film Festival (Cinéastes du présent), and the Venice Giornata degli Autori. Since the late ’90s, social concerns and a preoccupation with questions of language and communication have frequently been the object of his research and artwork. In 2007 he inaugurated a new research phase with K_lab, opening to the visual arts, film, mixed media, and relational art.
His interest in notions of memory and identity has further prompted research into groups, people, and other symbols and champions of ‘diversity’ in the global age – an exploration of which I\O_ IO È UN ALTRO is the latest outcome.