C.a.c.p. studio

c.a.c.p. studio // cecilia anselmi carlo prati architetti
Practice devoted to the contemporary research on architectural design, c.a.c.p. studio move toward a simoultaneous path of knowledge, merge both aspects of the discipine, teorical and pratical. They partecipated to international design competitions, receiving prizes and honorable mentions: Le Metamorfosi, Torino (winner), “Costeras”  riqualificazione della Borgata marina di Giorgino (runner up), Pontile Attrezzato per il Lungomare di Roma (winner), Complesso scolastico nel quartiere di Cinquina, Roma (winner). Their projects have been published on international books and magazines (ArchManual. Ecology + Sustainable + City future, AADCU, Beijing, NET.IT a snapshot of contemporary Architecture, Design and Photography in Italy, Actar,). Both are PhD in Architecture & Urban Planning. As an author they have published severous books and essais (Upgrade Architecture -Edilstampa 2010).

c.a.c.p. studio, Ampliamento del Serlachius Museum Gösta, Mänttä  Finlandia, 2011. vista generale