MAXXI APP is the interactive application for Android and Apple devices.

With the free to download MAXXI APP, you may plan your visit to MAXXI, explore the current exhibitions, browse through over 500 works in the Arte and Architettura collections, videos, special contents and in-depth examinations of the building housing the museum and its architect, Zaha Hadid.
The application also permits the reading of the QRcodes present in the museum, via which you may directly access the multimedia contents dealing with MAXXI, the works, the promotions and the current initiatives.
Navigating among the files devoted to the works, you may also leave comments and impressions, sharing your experience in real time with other navigators.

Available in two languages, Italian and English, the application enables you to connect to MAXXI’s pages on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Flickr.


The application is a product of IBM Business Media Share, IBM’s Digital Asset Management solution, a powerful and reliable system already in use by a number of major international institutions for the management of the lifecycles of multimedia contents.

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