Special Projects

Listen to the material

7 and 29 November / 3 and 12 December 2019
Tactile visits for people with visual disabilities to the Maria Lai exhibition Tenendo per mano il sole (19 – June 2019 – 12 January 2020) through the cards for art by Maria Lai, Art Sites Close to Hand.

“What was the artist thinking?” asks Maria on one of her playing cards for art from the deck Luoghi comuni, “The artist was not thinking, but rather listening to the material” is one of the answers she suggests.

This citation reveals the importance of the material dimension to her work: the material is itself the work. The work of art cannot exist as a mere concept but “needs a material and hands that work”.

In an interview Lai once claimed that “The sewn books ask to be touched, leafed through page by page to allow the reader to linger with attention.”

This project has therefore arisen at the behest of the artist herself as a tactile exploration of four works on display, sewn and terra cotta books.

The participants, volunteers and educators will read and interpret the works together through a number of categories that Lai makes presents us with in the deck of cards Luoghi simbolici (Symbolic places): site, rhythm, constructional rigour, solid/void, symmetry/asymmetry, line/plane/volume. An alphabet helping us discover and decipher form.

Reservations are required and may be made by writing to
Curated by the Public Engagement office, in collaboration with Associazione di Volotariato Museum ODV

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