Garzia, Carlo

Carlo Garzia was born in Bari, where he lives and works, in 1944.
He is a graduate of French Language and Civilization. Since the end of the Seventies he has participated as an author in some of the most significant moments of new Italian photography by involving himself in different projects related to the landscape and the territory, such as Voyage in Italy (Bari, 1984), 1987-1997 Space Archive. Ten years of Italian photography in the territory of the Milan province; Places as landscapes, (Florence and Naples, 2000). Founding member of “Space-Image (1980-1996) and of “The Court, photography and research”, he has devised and looked after various projects, among which Le rêve du paysan (Bari 1986), Journey in the Province (Bari 1991) Kinds of spaces ( Bari 1994). Since 2007 he is a member of the ICRV, Interdepartmental Centre for Research on Vanguards of the University of Bari. He is the author of various texts and his works are conserved in numerous private and public collections.