Thursday 1 January 1970

Time Lag by Patrizia Bonanzinga

Time Lag di Patrizia Bonanzinga

Thursday 23 June 2011, 18.30
Claudia Gian Ferrari Hall – admittance free??

Around Michelangelo’s Table of the MediterraneanLove Difference the photographer Patrizia Bonanzinga will be presenting the book Time Lag (Damiani editore, 2011).?
A mathematician and photographer, she has lived in many countries, drawing inspiration from all of them. Between 2007 and 2009 she was working in Mozambique and her shots and encounters are presented in a sequence of photographs and texts that are born out of reflection on the theme of time and the different way it is experienced and perceived in Europe and Africa.

Invited participants😕
Marco Impagliazzo President of the Sant’Egidio Community?
Giuseppe Scognamiglio Executive vice president, UNICREDIT?
Duilio Giammaria RAI journalist
Marta Dassù Editor of the periodical Aspenia, columnist for La Stampa?
Silvana Turzio Photography historian and curator?
Margherita Guccione Director MAXXI Architettura?
Francesca Fabiani Head of the MAXXI Architecture photography collections?
Stefania Vannini Head of the MAXXI Education Department