Masbedo, The Lack
Friday 24 April 2015 ore 18:00 -

Screening of the film by MasbedoThe Lack

MAXXI Auditorium – admittance free

Four variations of the theme of “absence”

Six female characters, immersed in silent and primitive nature, tackle their journey of awareness within a sublime and mysterious setting: they experience abandonment, detachment, courage and fatigue as they make their interior journey, seeking to recompose the pieces of their shattered existence and to fill the void.

The Lack is a film born out of the need to combine our world of video art with a cinematic project using our language. The film has allowed us to experiment beyond the video art experience.“. Masbedo

Introduced by
Giovanna Melandri President, Fondazione MAXXI

Masbedo Nicolò Massazza and Iacopo Bedogni
Beatrice Bulgari producer
Mario Sesti journalist and film critic


The film The Lack has been produced by In Between Art Film of Beatrice Bulgari (author of the story and screenplay together with Mitra Divshali) in association with VivoFilm of Marta Donzelli and Gregorio Paonessa.