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Scarpa/OlivettiBrani di una storia condivisa

centro archivi MAXXI Architettura
curated by Elena Tinacci

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Drawings, photographs, documents and publications bear witness to the extraordinary twenty years of collaboration between Carlo Scarpa and Olivetti.

Between 1956 and 1978, the Scarpa/Olivetti partnership saw the birth of exceptional projects such as the Piazza San Marco shop, the Brusson colony and the exhibitions for British Olivetti.

Carlo Scarpa’s relationship with the entrepreneur from Ivrea, and more generally with the “Olivetti world”, originated and was consolidated within the variegated Olivetti “community”: the various occasions of contact between the two were part of a broader, multifaceted network of direct and indirect relations with figures in the worlds of art, politics, the university and culture in general. The result is an atypical client relationship in which we discover an unexpected sharing of values, themes and events that marked Italian architectural culture in the 20th century.

header: Carlo Scarpa, Showroom Olivetti in piazza San Marco, Venezia 1957-58 © Archivio Carlo Scarpa, Collezione MAXXI Architettura, Fondazione MAXXI, Roma