Thursday 1 January 1970



Selected via Romaeuropa Webfactory, a web contest seeking out online creativity, some of the best composers and DJs from the community present their user generated digital atmospheres and electronic sounds.

Friday 16 September, 20.30 – 22.00
YAP space – admittance free

Class of 1977, DJ from the age of 19, Angiolillo moved to New York at 21 where he opened 55 pm, an internet and otherwise production company. He produced scores for independent films and shorts and music for the Williamsburg Film Festival. He then worked for an international agency for DJs, from whom he drew new ideas and creativity. In the meantime he created the music for the Toyota Yaris television and Toyota Prius online advertising campaigns, remixed Martin Solveig for the Back to Fondamental project and toegether with Folco Peroni arranged a song for the American group No Surrender which they played at Sònar 2011. He is currently working on two projects: WE-RESET with his friend Folco Peroni and D.L.D with Folco Peroni and Lara Martelli.


The event is part of the museum’s summer programme hosted in the YAP MAXXI spaces