15 October 2022 > 13 November 2022

Repairing the Present: REWILD

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curated by Manuel Cirauqui

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An urgent call to collective inspiration and joint creative effort, Repairing the Present fosters dialogue between science, technology, and the arts as critical players in exploring new scenarios for ecosystemic improvement. Repairing the Present : REWORLD (at MEET | Digital Culture Center), : REWILD (at MAXXI), and : RETOOL (at ZKM: Zentrum für Kunst und Medien) presents art-driven collective responses to the current and future emergencies and critical transformations on social, environmental, and technological levels.

Samira Benini Allaouat, Penelope Cain, Filip Van Dingenen and David Shongo, Susi Gutsche, Olga Kisseleva, Adriana Knouf, Lugh O’Neill, Studio Lapatsch Unger & Johanna Schmeer.

Beyond the visceral need to restore feral patterns in tamed ecosystems, this assemblage emphasizes possible contaminations of natural and synthetic, artificial and organic, animal and mineral realms, toward renewed forms of becoming in the Anthropocene.

The driving force of : REWILD is the urgency to decolonize nature and future ecosystems yet in a terraforming stage. Dowsing, seeking a reconnection with the nonhuman, mapping the dynamics of lichen or the twisted paths of urban waste, the artists invite active forms of engagement with the land, biotope, and outer space.

Repairing the Present is a cross-disciplinary S+T+ARTS project launched in June 2021 by 12 Regional S+T+ARTS Centres: Snowball (BE), MAXXI Museum (IT), STATE (DE), Onassis Stegi (EL), In4Art (NL), MEET (IT), CCCB (ES), Ars Electronica (AT),  Sony CSL Paris (FR), Kersnikova (SI), CYENS (CY) and Art Hub Copenhagen (DK).

header: Penelope Cain, One and the Care of Many, Two-channel video installation, wall paper, stone tiles, sculpture, mixed media, 2022