02 April 2015 > 21 June 2015

Gli angeli degli eroi by Flavio Favelli

On the occasion of the exhibition Architecture in Uniform

The world of war remains unalterable and floats suspended above our daily business

In Italy, the end of the war, Liberation and the birth of the Republic opened wounds that have yet to heal today. The autonomist urges, the chronic division between North and South and the ancient and varied history of multiple territories undermines the idea of a country, of a nation and of a state that has probably never been solid. Italy, in contrast with other European countries, has a contradictory and tormented relationship with its armed forces which are frequently forgotten until those tragic moments in which the media inform us of the loss of Italian military personnel serving abroad. The army is often perceived as a body extraneous to and distant from the public. The controversy surrounding the peace missions in Iraq and Afghanistan have highlighted this detachment, which became contradictory with the massacre in Nasiriyya and the Sgrena-Calipari affair. News of military victims abroad lends those soldiers the faces of ordinary, frequently young people, each with their own story, their own images, portrayed in uniform but also during their everyday civilian lives. Stories of men frequently from the South who, in times we consider new and different, die for their country.

The military world is a parallel world with its times, places, people, powers and economies

This project examines the men who continue to die for their country.
Gli angeli degli eroi, which recalls the plea of the relations of Luca Sanna, is a great list, a great but simple list as is the tradition with commemorative plaques, with the names of the Italian military personnel to have fallen for their country, over 150 of them, in missions of peace in the history of the republic, from the first victim in 1950 through to 2013.

This project was created in collaboration with Nosadella.due – Independent Residency for Public Art for the city of Bologna.

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