Friday 20 January 2017 ore 18:00 - ore 19:30

Japanese Horizon.The path of flowers. Ikebana Ohara

Theoretical lesson and demonstration of Ikebana Ohara on the occasion of the exhibition The Japanese House. Architecture and life from 1945 to the present
Architecture Archives Centre
Admittance € 5.00 – 3 meetings “The path of flowers” € 10.00 – free for myMAXXI cardholders
Purchase of a ticket entitles the holder to reduced price museum entrance within a week of issue

A series of events devoted to the culture of the Land of the Rising Sun through the history of the Japanese garden in its various poetic stylistic forms and the ancient Japanese art of Ikebana.

One of the most striking aspects for those that approach study of Ikebana of the Ohara school is the enormous variety and differentiation of the compositional forms that are modelled on the rhythms and forms of the plant world. Within this school coexist without any contradictions the traditional spirit and styles and a search for highly innovative forms projected towards the future. Those who approach Ikebana Ohara take up a path that leads them through the study and practice of this ancient Japanese art, to express themselves in a wholly new way.

Silvana Mattei Sub-Grandmaster of the school Ikebana Ohara, Group Leader of Ikebana Ohara A.L.U Study Group and Past President of Ikebana International Rome

In collaboration with the Istituto Giapponese di Cultura di Roma and the Museo Orto Botanico La Sapienza University of Rome.