Saturday 3 December 2016 ore 11:00 - 18:00

Japanese Horizon.One flower, one leaf

Workshop of Ikebana applied on the urban territory on the occasion of the exhibition The Japanese House. Architecture and life from 1945 to the present
Architecture Archives Centre – Flaminio Quarter

A series of events devoted to the culture of the Land of the Rising Sun through the history of the Japanese garden in its various poetic stylistic forms and the ancient Japanese art of Ikebana.

In dialogue with the work of Martina della Valle and starting out from the roots of the practice of Ikebana, the workshop develops a site-specific reflection extended to the MAXXI territory. Following a historical and technical introduction to Ikebana, the research expands to the green areas of the surrounding district, with the involvement of the participants in the selection and harvesting of spontaneous plants discovered during a group exploration of the Flaminio quarter. Each participant will then produce their own composition, giving rise to a series of ideal and subjective portraits of the natural urban landscape.

Martina della Valle artist
Rie Ono Ikebana teacher

Materials required: scissors or secateurs, a vase, a fruit bowl, a bowl or basket of medium diameter and any material. Comfortable walking shoes are suggested.

Admittance free for a maximum of 15 participants
Info and reservations: publicengagement@fondazionemaxxi.it