25 October 2023 > 18 February 2024

JacovittissimevolmenteThe irresistible art of humour

extra MAXXI
curated by Dino Aloi and Silvia Jacovitti with Giulia Ferracci

#Jacovitti #Jacovittissimevolmente

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Monday closed
Tuesday to Sunday 11 am – 7 pm

Saturday and Sunday last entry at 5:30 pm

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One hundred years after his birth, an exhibition on Jacovitti’s fantastic world and his playful, awkward and irreverent inventiveness.

Benito Jacovitti made his debut at a very young age as an author of comic strips and went on to become an essential name in 20th-century comics. From his brush and plates came characters that became famous in the popular imagination, such as Cocco Bill, Zorry Kid, Jack Mandolino, and Tom Ficcanaso. Jacovitti published strips in Il Vittorioso, the Corriere dei Piccoli and the Corriere dei Ragazzi, and drew the cartoons of Diario Vitt, which accompanied generations of Italian schoolchildren for more than thirty years (1949 – 1980).

The 100 characters on display were created during the phases of the cartoonist’s long and lively career.

In conjunction with the MAXXI exhibition, the MACTE Museum of Contemporary Art in Termoli presents Tutte le follie di Jac! (7 October 2023 – 26 February 2024), Luca Raffaelli curated to explore the technical and linguistic inventions that made “La lisca di pesce” (the fishbone) a recognisable style, and Jacovitti, an inventor of unforgettable signs and characters. The two projects, parallel and complementary, under the single title Jacovittissimevolmente, take the spectator into the animated and dynamic world invented by the artist.

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