Thursday 1 January 1970

NU GUO – ?? – In the Mother’s Name

Festival della complessità
The 5th edition of the Festival of Complexity is about to get underway. Three consecutive Thursdays for reflection on the difference between complex and complicated.
Three documentaries recounting reality as a system, as an agglomeration of parts that interact amongst themselves rather than merely the sum or the juxtaposition of individual elements.

Opening a window onto the everyday it is possible to observe reality with new eyes and to discover that everything is interconnected: biology, politics, medicine, economics, physics, education, human relations and so much more.

Thursday 8 May, 21.00
NU GUO – ?? – In the Name of the Mother
by Pio d’Emilia and Francesca Rosati Freeman, China 2012, 56’
Auditorium del MAXXI – admittance free

Filmed in China in 2012, the documentary tells the story of the Mosuo, an ethnic minority living in the villages around Lake Lugu, in the Yunnan region of Southwest China. Their society is strictly matriarchal and matrilineal: each family is led by the ‘dabu’, the elder female who eventually chooses the daughter best suited to succeed her. An official role is not assigned to the biological father, and is instead performed by the maternal uncles. What is extraordinary about this society so far removed from western and traditional canons is the absolute absence of any form of domestic violence. A millenary example of harmonious and pacific coexistence free of all discrimination.

Introduced by
Giovanna Melandri President Fondazione MAXXI
Fulvio Forino Director of the Festival of Complexity
Pio d’Emilia e Francesca Rosati Freeman makers of the documentary

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