Thursday 12 October 2017, 17:00 - 18:30
Opening panel discussion

Institute for Provocation. Space Odyssey

Carlo Scarpa foyer – Spazio MINI
free entrance until full capacity

A discussion devoted to China on the occasion of the new The Independent event, which includes the Space Odyssey project by the Institute for Provocation group.
The event will showcase the activity of the Beijing-based international collective and compare it with that of an Italian independent group, namely the Prato-based chì-na cultural association, which has based its work on the interaction with the Chinese community.

Elena Motisi MAXXI curator

Emanuele Barili chì-na, Prato
Shuyu Chen IFP, Beijing
Max Gerthel IFP, Sweden

Hou Hanru MAXXI Artistic Director

Institute for Provocation (IFP) is an independent arts organisation and working space founded in Beijing in 2010. By combining theoretical studies with artistic practice, the IFP promotes cultural exchanges and collective production. The IFP organises and supports different activities, such as artist residencies, research projects, debates, exhibitions, workshops, publications, and many more, in the belief that artistic processes are to be understood as an alternative way of producing knowledge.

chì-na is a cultural association founded in 2014 by Cosimo Balestri (architect), Emanuele Barili (architect), Luca Ficini (photographer), Alberto (architect and food designer), and Guido Gramigni (art historian). [chì-na] stems from the need to do something tangible and visible, promote a new understanding of wonder, create a platform where to share and develop passions and projects. Its premises are found inside an abandoned industrial warehouse located in Macrolotto 0, namely Prato’s Chinatown. [chì-na] aims at studying and deepening themes linked to culture, in its broadest meaning, by promoting them in a creative and multidisciplinary way.