Thursday 1 January 1970

Inside Job

Festival della complessità
The V edition of the Festival of Complexity continues: another Thursday for reflection on the difference between complex and complicated.

Opening a window onto the everyday it is possible to observe reality with new eyes and to discover that everything is interconnected: biology, politics, medicine, economics, physics, education, human relations and so much more.

Thursday 15 May, 21.00
Inside Job
by Charles Ferguson, USA 2011, 120’
MAXXI Auditorium – free admittance subject to availability

An Oscar winner as the best documentary in 2011, Inside Job starts out from Iceland in order to explain the financial crisis of 2008. With revelatory lucidity and the rhythm of a thriller, the director reconstructs the greatest financial bubble to have burst over Wall Street and America and the consequences for the global economy as millions of people faced ruin.
A film that paints an alarming portrait as it strips bare the systemic corruption of a country; a disturbing relationship between exponents of the financial work and the political sphere of yesterday and today.

Pino Moronifinancial journalist

Final event
Thursday 22 May | My Architect by Nathaniel Kahn