01 October 2022 > 25 April 2023

InGenioVisionary ideas from the Archive

the exhibition’s closing has been extended to Tuesday 25 April 2023

MAXXI Architettura archive centre
curated by Tullia Iori


A selection of all that can be found in the visionary papers of 20th century Italian engineers such as Pier Luigi Nervi, Sergio Musmeci and many others.

MAXXI’s Archive is the privileged place to discover the ideas of brilliant engineers that were ahead of their times. Ideas once judged impossible that could perhaps be realised today. Projects that remained on paper but often arrived too early, when the technology to realise them was not available or the economic conditions did not favour their shift from fantasy to reality.

The exhibition ties in with Technoscape as it acts as a bridge between the past and the future. The engineers of history had visions of the future, they imagined it, they tried to anticipate it, which is why the Future is also kept in the Archives.

header: Sergio Musmeci con Ludovico QuaroniProgetto per il ponte sullo stretto di Messina, 1969. Archivio Sergio Musmeci, Collezione MAXXI Architettura, Fondazione MAXXI Roma.