Thursday 1 January 1970

Pictures of things: storyboard and illustration

The lessons in The School of Narrative Dance, Roma, the project by the artist Marinella Senatore winner of the PREMIO MAXXI 2014 continue through to 21 September.
The School offers inroads to various professions through an alternative teaching system based on the sharing of skills and trades. A free lesson every week!

Thursday 17 July, 17.00
Pictures of things: storyboard and illustration
Lecture of Stefano Ciammitti
MAXXI piazza Arena

Upcoming lessons
Thursday 4 September, 16.00 | The art is always contemporary
Lecture of Beatrice Bertini
Thursday 11 September, 16.00 | Visual poetry: color imprint matter, the meat of the words
Lecture of Daniela Di Lullo
Thursday 18 September, 16.00 | Training / Improvisation for Theatre-Dance
Lecture of Nicoletta Jannitti and Isabella Rossi