foto Kasai Company © Bozzo Mori
Friday 14 October 2022 ore 18:30 - 20:00

talk + performanceThe heretical body. Butō dance from birth to todayQuantum Activism

Carlo Scarpa hall and  Museum spaces
entrance € 5
curated by Maria Pia D’Orazi

Butō today is an internationally established reality. It is a way of going beyond forms and tapping into the energy that created them..

The spread of butō has led to a crystallisation of forms, which has opened up new questions about its nature and its ability to critically reflect the present time. Akira Kasai – who took part in the founding performances of butō in the 1960s – has been dealing with these questions ever since he developed an original path, nourished by his encounter with Rudolf Steiner’s Eurythmy, and in his latest works he has expressly set out to revive the creative force that produced butō, reworking performances from the early days and launching a new project that he has defined post-butō

Maria Pia D’Orazi journalist and theatre historian
Reiji Kasai dancer and eurythmist (translation: Daisuke Kurihara)
Human Flourishing by and with Chiara Clara Burgio
One soul, two incarnations by and with Reiji Kasai, Naoka Uemura, Hiroko Asami (Reiji Kasai Company)

On the occasion of the exhibition TOKYO REVISITED, by Daido Moriyama with Shomei Tomatsu, MAXXI presents Il corpo eretico, three appointments designed to recount the transformations of butō dance from its origins to the present day. These are accompanied by live performances by Japanese and Italian dancers in the museum spaces.
The cycle starts in the 1960s, when a community of artists literally took to the streets inventing new languages destined to change the official narrative of the country and leave a lasting trace. Tokyo becomes both a performance space and the disturbing double of an unstoppable human mutation. Physicality is the trait that unites the experiments of the avant-garde and revolutionises all representative codes, in a climate of exchange and collaboration between dance, photography, cinema, painting, design and literature. It is a dense, anarchic, erotic corporality, disobedient to all rules, and is nourished by the radical explorations of Tatsumi Hijikata, the founder of butō dance.

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