Wednesday 10 April 2019 ore 20:30 - 22:00

Film at MAXXI - Festival delle Scienze.Galileo

MAXXI Auditorium – free admittance until full capacity
10 seats reserved for myMAXXI card holders writing to mymaxxi@fondazionemaxxi.it by the day before the event

The discovery of the telescope and the errors of Copernicus, the meeting with Giordano Bruno, family life and the dispute with the ecclesiastical authorities culminating in a famous inquisitorial trial. Liliana Cavani, a leader in the film world of the innovation and rebellion of the period, overturns every convention of the biopic, making of the most famous case of conflict between science and faith an epic study of the relationships between knowledge and power, freedom and authority.

Liliana Cavani, movie’s director
Daniele Archibugi, Cnr-Irpps Director

Marco Spagnoli, journalist and film critic


Liliana Cavani, Italia 1968, 95’.
Featuring Cyril Cusak, Lou Castel

Film at MAXXI is a Fondazione Cinema per Roma/CityFest and Fondazione MAXXI co-production.