07 October 2011 > 13 November 2011

Alcantara® - MAXXI Project | 2011Can you imagine?

Sala Carlo Scarpa

MAXXI and Alcantara together to explore the possibilities of a material while extremely well known is still to be fully explored in terms of its artistic and creative potential. This is the underlying theme of the project Can you imagine? Alcantara, potential of a material: experimental research that becomes an exhibition exploring the versatility of a unique and innovative material, probing new territories and brand new interpretative models.

11 international design talents, selected for their aptitude for material experimentation by Domitilla Dardi, Curator of Design at MAXXI Architettura, and Giulio Cappellini, Artistic Director at Alcantara, will present their vision and interpretation of Alcantara in 11 scenographic installations, each emphasising a specific aspect of the material according to their creative style.

The designers involved are: Massimiliano Adami (Italy), François Azambourg (France), Giulio Cappellini (Italy), Lorenzo Damiani (Italy), Paola Navone (Italy), Oki Sato Nendo (Japan), Patrick Norguet (France), Satyendra Pakhalé (India), Raw Edges (Israel), Marcel Wanders (Holland), Nika Zupanc (Slovenia).

The exhibition investigates the transient confine between art and design in a contamination of forms and perceptions in search of possible new interpretations of this material with the single, albeit significant restriction imposed on the designers being that they should not use it as upholstery and not propose finished products.

1. Marcel Wanders, Alcantara® Pool Table
2. Paola Navone, Cuccia
3. Lorenzo Damiani, Roller