BETWEEN INFINITIES. Workshop con Raqs Media Collective
Tuesday 23 June 2015 ore 10:00 - 18:00

MAXXI FINDs INDIABETWEEN INFINITIES. Workshop with Raqs Media Collective

Learning centre – reservations required*
curated by Cecilia Canziani

For the third consecutive year MAXXI is hosting events associated with Summer Mela (from 15 to 30 June 2015), the festival promoted by the FIND Foundation India Europe New Dialogues dedicated to Indian culture.

A workshop aimed at artists and curators held by Shuddhabrata Sengupta of the Raqs Media Collective

Taking its cue from the research of the Raqs Media Collective, this workshop brings the participants into contact with a series of cultural concepts associated with time, politics, images, physical reality and philosophical questions.

Readings, discussions of video materials and conversations between the participants regarding their work are starting points for a widening of the intellectual and emotional horizons with respect to the role that time plats in our lives, dreams and thoughts.

A second day’s workshop will be held on 24 June (from 10.00 AM to 6.00 PM) at the Fondazione FIND, Villa il Labirinto, Zagarolo.

How to participate*
The workshop is open to all but in particular to artists and curators.
In order to take part send a brief biography and short motivational text to by 19 June 2015.

The workshop will be held in English.