Thursday 1 January 1970

Art and Law

The continuing seminars devoted to the new trends in contemporary art and the relationships between collecting, enterprise and market, curated by MAXXI and Negri-Clemente Studio Legale Associato.
Artists, curators, gallerists, auction houses, entrepreneurs, collectors, legal and economics experts and financiers bring their personal experience to bear on the future developments of the most recent artistic and market trends within the contemporary art system.

Art and Law
Wednesday 3 July, 18.30
Centro Archivi Room – admittance free while places available

What does talking about art and law entail? This seminar will focus on the principal and emerging issues associated with contemporary art, such as the reproducibility of the works in the case of video art and photography, the seriality of conceptual works, the problems of co-authorship in works featuring more than one person contributing to a single creative and productive process and artistic performances, their acquisition and their documentation within museum collections and others.

Giovanna Forlanelli Rovati, Johan & Levi
Marzia Migliora, artist
Cornelia Lauf, curator

Silvia Stabile, Negri-Clementi Studio Legale Associato

Final seminar
Wednesay 10 July | Art and Market

The event is part of YAP MAXXI 2013 – Summer Program