04 September 2018 > 30 September 2018

Artapes. Lessons with Bruno Zevi

#Artapes #ALezioneConBrunoZevi

video gallery – admission free for everyone from Tuesday to Friday and every first Sunday of the month

This focus of the artapes program is a natural extension of the exhibition Zevi’s Architects. History and Counter-history of Italian Architecture 1944-2000, where videos have an important presence that corresponds to Zevi’s peculiar inclination towards the use of media.

Bruno Zevi, a main actor of the architectural and political debate for over fifty years, always used television as one of the instruments to carry out his civil action. In his ethical and educational mission to spread a knowledge of architecture, he often chose television as a privileged means to make architecture accessible to the wider public, also because Zevi placed great trust in the potential of architecture as an instrument to improve every day life and to act on society.

Still da video, Io…e: Bruno Zevi e S. Ivo alla Sapienza di Borromini, 1973, Courtesy RAI Teche