Politecnico di Milano, Archivi Storici, Fondo Aldo Favini. Photo Giorgio Casali.
Tuesday 12 April 2016 ore 17:00 - ore 18:30

Architecture and engineering at work in the Chiesa di Vetro at Baranzate

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A series of exploratory seminars devoted to the work of Pier Luigi Nervi and the influences the talented engineer has had on architectural practice in Italy.

While in the 1960s Nervi proved to be one of the best known and most acclaimed interpreters of a season in which architecture and engineering united in design research and in experimentation, others followed this path with original and innovative results.
In the Lombardy area, of particular interest is the work of Angelo Mangiarotti, Bruno Morassutti and Aldo Favini with the Chiesa di Vetro at Baranzate.
The projects created and the works built in the years of their partnership reveal a strong understanding in their constructional configuration. Themes shared with Nervi can be found in their careers: the specialisation in building types, the separation and repeatability of the elements that compose them, the built form of the architecture, prefabrication as an architectural design method, iteration and variation as the process determining form.

Giulio Barazzetta professor of Architectural Deign at Milan Polytechnic

Marzia Marandola La Sapienza University, Rome
Claudia Conforti Tor Vergata University, Rome