Thursday 16 January 2020Sunday 26 January 2020

Alessandro Valeri. An Iron Ring

Curated by Fiorella Bassan and Giorgia Calò
Carlo Scarpa hall

An island of tolerance in the foster home of Tzippori, Nazareth: a story told through video, images and site-specific installation.

An Iron Ring closes the loop on the artistic and personal journey Valeri embarked on 2011 when he first visited the orphanage of Tzippori, close to Nazareth. The institute, with the Catholic nuns and the Jewish, Muslims and Christians volunteers, appeared to Valeri an island of interreligious tolerance and collaboration, in a territory which has been since ever a theatre of encounters and clashes among different cultural, religious and ethnic groups.

The project is structured in four “movements”, with video, photo-pictorial works, a site-specific and interactive installation, targeted to an audience of all generations; didactic workshops will be conducted by the artist for children of primary and secondary schools.

An Iron Ring embodies the most mature expression of the intellectual and stylistic consistency in Valeri’s work, based on the ability to catch, with a nomadic, prejudice-free gaze, the signs through which the world manifests itself, inviting the observers to take responsibility of their own gaze, of their own emotions, and in this way, of their own existence in the world.

The event is sponsored by the Cultural Department of the Embassy of Israel in Italy and by the Italy-Israel Foundation for Culture and the Arts.