Thursday 17 March 2016 ore 21:00 - 23:45

Ad occhi chiusi

MAXXI – Corner D
Full price ticket €23.00; reduced €20.00 for holders of a Vinci per la cultura ticket, university students and myMAXXI card holders

Rated 18 suitable only for adults

The theatre ceases to be a physical place and becomes an audience experience.

An unusual and experimental adaptation of the novel of the same title by Gianrico Carofiglio, the touring and socially committed theatrical piece Ad occhi chiusi literally divides the audience into three.
Reach group will follow just one of the three main characters, focussing of their story and seeing just one point of view.
The group will therefore gain a partial idea of the story until the three points of view – and the three groups – will intersect to tell the entire story of “Ad occhi chiusi”, a trial for stalking.
The performances take place contemporaneously on the same evening. The stage is therefore not in a single location, but rather in diverse “real” places through which the audience moves, becoming an active part of the story.

Conceived and directed by Carlo Fineschi.
With Adelmo Togliani, Chiara Ricci, Sara Allegrucci, Matteo Bolognese, Edoardo Ciufoletti, Valeria Mafera, Matteo Milani, Camillo Ventola, Rosalba Battaglia, Chiara Della Rossa, Carlo Petruccetti, Alice Iacono and Salvatore Costa.
An Associazione Culturale L’Albatro production

How to participate and the format of the show

The number of spectators may be no greater than 36 for each performance (12 per group).
Reservations are required and may be made via SMS to 392 847 02 75 or by email to adocchichiusievento@gmail.com.
Only once a reservation has been made will the place in which the show begins be made known and which of the points of view of the main characters will be followed.
When moving from one location to the next, the spectators will travel by car with the actors.


Friday 18 March, 9:00 PM
Saturday 19 March – time to be confirmed