Thursday 1 January 1970

Ad occhi chiusi

Friday 12, 19, 26 September and Friday 3 October, 21.00
Ad occhi chiusi
reservation is required*
MAXXI Piazza, Spazio YAP

An experimental adaptation of the novel of the same title by Gianrico Carofiglio, this touring show literally divides the audience into three parts.
Each part concentrates on the story of a character and the spectator only sees the point of view of that particular character and therefore has only a partial idea of the story.

The theatre stops being a physical place
and becomes an audience experience.

The performances are staged contemporaneously and the three points of view intertwine to tell the complete story of a trial for stalking.
The stage is not located in one place, but in a number of “real places” to which the audience moves, becoming an active part of the story.

directed by Carlo Fineschi
with Adelmo Togliani, Chiara Ricci, Sara Allegrucci, Matteo Bolognese, Edoardo Ciufoletti, Camillo Ventola, Valeria Mafera, Matteo Milani, Alessandrea Verdura, Chiara Della Rossa, Sebina Montagno, Francesco D’Antonio
production design by Giulia Ciucciovino
sound by Luca Barbati
organized and produced by Associazione L’Albatro

Forthcoming events
Sunday 21 September | Le rovine di Adriano

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Thursday 11 September | Louise Bourgeois. Phalluses, spiders and guillotines
Friday 18 July | Magnitudo Emilia

This event is part of YAP MAXXI 2014Play with theatre

*No more than 36 spectators may attend each performance.
Please ask for further information about this event at
albatro.teatro@libero.it or 3398701017.