D’Onofrio, Alessandro

Born in Kinshasa (RD Congo), lives and works in Rome. Attentive to the new expressive implications that modern technologies and art disciplines have over planning, he was the author of many installations and preparations in Italy and abroad (“Sustainab_Italy” Italian summerhouse at the London festival of architecture, “Contemporary Ecologies” Ethnology museum of Hanoi; Italian summerhouse at the “Fifth Biennal of Architecture in Brasilia”; “Giancarlo De Carlo: le ragioni dell’architettura” MAXXI; Italian participation at the “Fifth Biennial of Architecture in San Paolo”; Italian participation at the “First Biennial of Architecture in Rotterdam“ winner of the “Inspiration Award” assigned by the Netherlands Architecture Institute). He is also curator of the architecture expositions and the concerning catalogues, as well as international workshop and research, for companies and institutions of the European Union. He collaborates with printed and online magazines. He is an editor of the architecture magazine “Rassegna di Architettura e Urbanistica” for which he also took care of several thematic issues and he is the author of some monographic volumes as well.
He also performs as a director and creates audiovisual contents (Italian participation at the international Book Fair of Guadalajara, “High Touch”, media library of Sendai and ACROS of Fukoka). He is a lecturer at the University of Rome, La Sapienza, at the faculty of Architecture “Ludovico Quaroni”.