Campana, Humberto e Fernando

Humberto (1953) and Fernando (1961) were born in Brotas, a city located 250 kilometers from São Paulo. With an agrarian based economy, Brotas is located in a region with abundant natural resources. Until moving to São Paulo to begin their graduation studies, they both lived with their family. Their father was an agricolture engineer and their mother was a primary school teacher. They lived in a house with an unpaved basement, a vast backyard, surrounded by fruit trees and streams leading to the waterfalls in the region of Brotas.
Humberto graduated in Law. Having obtained his diploma, he officially began to research what was his main interest since he was a child: craftsmanship infinite possibilities. In the 80s, he set up a small studio of hand‐made products.
Graduated in architecture, Fernando was interested in the research of alternative methods for design materialization. He studied Le Corbusier and Oscar Niemeyer’s power of communication and outline synthesis as well as the construction of smallscale objects. After obtaining his degree, he followed an internship at the 17th edition of the Art Bienal, in São Paulo.
By the end of 1983, Humberto invited his brother to help him deliver a large order. Since then, they are among the most celebrated partnerships in contemporary design. They are recognized by suggesting new object reading codes besides contributing for a change of perspective in the day‐to‐day life.