Biamino, Bruna

A photographer of architecture and landscape, Bruna Biamino (Turin, 1956) furthered her studies with Nathan Lyons in New York, frequenting courses in black and white technique and psychoanalysis and photography.
From her earliest works on abandoned factories, her interest in industrial archaeology has translated into emotive and psychological rather than spatial and architectural research. There is also a more rigorous reading of pure architecture but this is an approach that appears to coincide less with this artist’s poetic of “subtraction” which instead finds full expression in landscape photography.
In the photographs dealing with nature, the image can be traced back to an essential lexicon in which the components of the locations tend to dematerialise in a rarefaction that approaches absence. And it is as if this process of elimination allows the most intimate spirit to emerge through the figuration of the most elusive elements: air, silence, light.
A “minimal” account that we find again in the work on the Tuscan coast realised for atlante italiano003 in which the use of light and pale, faded colour, played on delicate chromatic passages of pastel tones, restores the “emotional value of the places”. The silent atmosphere of the off-season coastal landscape encourages more profound listening: as if the temporary absence of the human figure permits the sea and the beach to reappropriate its own “spirit”. At least until the next summer.