2tr architettura

Luca Montuori (Roma 1965) and Riccardo Petrachi (Roma 1967), graduated in 1993 and 1995, open their office 2tr architettura in 2000 as the evolution of a shared experience based on the theme that the project faces, as well as how to approach the project itself.

The strong question of defining the theme of our work, is always against the need to declare our position in comparison of our research.
The core of our research is not based on “already done” way, but rather on the sharing of different points of view on the project, to better identify possible, different and alternative ways.
The projects focus on outdoor space as a set of relationships, complex system, and from which comes the awareness of not being able to act only on the physical space but on a mix of kilos, cash, meters, opinions, uses and feelings.

2tr architettura, Radura Blu, Le miniere del Cornacchino, Parco Nazionale Museo delle Miniere dell’Amiata, Castell’Azzara (GR), 2005 – 2011