Primary school

Geometries of the imagination

art workshop on the installations in the permanent collection

What’s involved?
What is an installation? How does it dialogue with the space and those who pass through it?
Starting our with the works in the MAXXI collection such as Maurizio Mochetti’s great “red rubes”, the “black trumpet” in PVC by Anish Kapoor and the geometric solids drawn by Sol Lewitt, the children explore the techniques that contemporary artists adopt to enter into a dynamic relationship with the public, while in the workshop they reinterpret the works through various techniques and materials.

Duration 2h
Tuesday to Friday from 10.00
(early opening reserved for groups with bookings)

How does it work?
€ 120 per group class (max 30 participants)
please make you obligatory reservation and purchase tickets by calling 06 3201954