Fondazione Trasparente

In accordance with Italy’s anti-corruption legislation, Fondazione MAXXI is a “publically controlled private corporation”. While not being a public body, the Fondazione therefore complies with the compatible regulations established by Law No. 190 of 6 November 2012 (Dispositions for the prevention and the repression of corruption and illegality in the public administration), by the legislative decree No. 33 of 14 March 2013 (Reorganization of the regulations relating to the obligations regarding the publication, transparency and diffusion of information by the public administration) and by the legislative decree No. 39 of 8 April 2013 (Dispositions regarding the preclusion from and incompatibility of positions in the public administration and publicly controlled private corporations).

With resolution No. 8 of 17 June 2015, the National Anti-Corruption Authority approved the “Guidelines for the actuation of the regulations regarding transparency and the prevention of corruption within companies and private corporations controlled and participated in by the public administration and public sector financial bodies”, clearly explaining how and in what measure subjects other than the public administration must comply with the precepts established by the above mentioned laws. We are therefore publishing in the paragraph “general dispositions” this resolution too, which clarifies in particular when and why a foundation may be defined as a “publicly controlled private corporation”.

In the section “Transparent Foundation” we shall publish all the information the Anti-corruption Authority requires to be fully disclosed. The work has just begun (the Fondazione MAXXI’s corruption prevention plan was approved by the Board of Directors on 20 January 2016). We trust we shall complete it rapidly and update it in a timely manner.

Head of transparency and integrity