Terzo Paradiso

13 December 2012 – 17 January 2013
with Michelangelo Pistoletto and Francesco Saverio Teruzzi
MAXXI Piazza – free entrance

Michelangelo Pistoletto will once again meet with young children in the MAXXI plaza one year after the personal exhibition dedicated to this artist when the Tavolo del Mediterraneo and the Simbolo del Terzo Paradiso served as the protagonists of a series of meetings examining themes of hospitality, dialogue and responsibility in relation to the exploitation of planet earth.

Young and old will invade the Museum’s external spaces to construct a large Third Paradise in recycled material, united in the creation of a global work of art.

The symbol of the Third Paradise is comprised of two opposing circles signifying nature and artifice, the central ring is instead the union of the two and represents the womb, a space of re-birth.

Giovanna Melandri e Michelangelo Pistoletto nella piazza del MAXXI. Foto Cecilia Fiorenza

Il simbolo del Terzo Paradiso realizzato con materali di riciclo. Foto Cecilia Fiorenza

A project of the Dipartimento educazione in collaboration with RAM Radio Arte Mobile