Thursday 1 January 1970

TECH AND THE CITY. New York startups: for a new urban paradigm

Tuesday 19 March, 18.00
MAXXI B.A.S.E – admittance free

How can we emerge from the crisis, creating jobs and facilitating the birth and growth of new technological businesses? The recipe for success comes from New York, the world’s new startup capital: the city is attracting capital and talent from all over the world, creating jobs and wealth at a greater rate than anywhere else in the United States. The digital phenomenon transforming New York is recounted in TECH AND THE CITY (Guerini e Associati) by Maria Teresa Cometto, a journalist with over 25 years experience and who has lived in New York since 2000 writing about economics and high-tech for the Corriere della Sera, and by Alessandro Piol, a venture capitalist in the Big Apple, with over 30 years experience in the technological sector.

The authors of the book, resident in New York for years, have traced a map of the cult sites in New York Tech City. Exploring the lively quarters of the city, they have interviewed 50 key figures: the founders of the most important and interesting startups in the various fields, coming from all over the world, from India to Holland, from Slovenia to Israel, from Great Britain to Italy.

An inspiration for other cities, other countries and cultures which may have missed the initial wave of the tech revolution. But also a guide for those thinking of moving to New York to work in the high-tech sector, to study or to search for partners and financing.

Giovanna Melandri, President Fondazione MAXXI
David Thorne, U.S. ambassador to Italy
Maria Teresa Cometto, Alessandro Piol, authors of the book Tech and the city