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Fabrics, colours, symbols. Magic from India

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Workshop on the art exhibition Indian Highway

Who is it aimed at?
Primary schools (max. 30 participants – 1 class group)

What does it involve?
Through by exploring the installations, colours and scents, the children discover the works of the Indian artists who recount their country and their history on the cusp between tradition and contemporaneity. What is tradition today? How does it interact with present day reality? The children participating in the hands-on workshop reinterpret these themes using fabrics and colours, symbols and images from the Indian tradition, following the examples set by the artists.

from October 2011 to January 2012
Tuesday and Wednesday from10.00
Thursday and Friday from 11.00

How does it work?
duration 2h
reservations required
€ 150.00 per class group (max. 30 participants)
purchasable by calling 06 39967350