Wednesday 21 December 2016Saturday 31 December 2016

Free contribution for scientific research activities.Support us! Our research grows thanks to you too

We are very pleased to announce that from 16 November 2016 MAXXI has been included among the foundations and associations involved in scientific research to which it is possible to make tax-deductible free donations.

An important new opportunity to contribute to the museum’s study and research activities and to improve the service provided to students and academics by our specialist library, open to all, that already boasts a collection of over 36,000 titles.

This kind of tax-deductible free donation does not have a minimum threshold. Even a small contribution can make a difference for us.

In order to deduct your contribution from your 2016 income you should make a bank transfer by 31 December in favour of the Fondazione MAXXI’s current account (IBAN: IT 26 J 030 8703 200C C010 1051 859) indicating as the payment description “contributo liberale per attività di ricerca scientifica”.