I ragazzi di CivicoZero al MAXXI. Foto di Alessandro Penso
Wednesday 11 May 2016 ore 16:00 - 18:00

Sguardi in transito sul MAXXI

This year MAXXI is participating in the Save the Children initiative “Lighting up the future. Working together to overcome educational poverty in Italy”, with the workshop Sguardi in transito sul MAXXI.

The CivicoZero youngsters frequenting the photographic workshop led by Mohamed Keita and Andrea Alessandrini will be back at MAXXI in search of new shots, favouring encounters with the museum, with the works of art, with the other, with others, in a process of successful integration and sought-after belonging, before then reconstructing in the workshop their works, their museum. Presenting to us a new, rich and thrilling reality.

Since 2012, MAXXI has developed a privileged relationship with the world of youth immigration: unaccompanied minors from various countries experience the museum of contemporary art by participating in activities designed to valorize their individual cultural potential.

At MAXXI, the youngsters from the CivicoZero Day Centre are frequently involved in narrative experiences regarding the works of art in the presence of the public, with the museum becoming an important and necessary spaces of sharing and reciprocal growth.

The objective is that of contributing to the acquisition by the young people of a sense of belonging and positive identity that encourages them to continue with their process of integration and independence within the new context of their lives, far from their roots and their homelands.