Wednesday 7 November 2018 ore 18:30 - ore 20:00

Book presentation.Sergio Lombardo. Stochastic Works 2012 – 2017

Graziella Lonardi Buontempo Hall – free entrance while seats are available

An event dedicated to the artist’s recent production characterised by a constant experimental research

Sergio Lombardo has been involved in a deep research on Stochastic Painting since 1980. Amongst all the works in which the artist has tested his theory of eventuality, Stochastic Painting is the one he focused on for the longest time, until –over the years- he defined different automatic composition methods based on the application of randomised algorithms. Created with mathematical methods, Stochastic Paintings show different perception structures offering the viewer several, imaginative visual interpretations of the meaningless shapes painted on the canvas.

Sergio Lombardo. Stochastic Works 2012-2017 (Fondazione Mudima, 2017) delves deeply into his recent works that led him to face new aesthetic issues of composition, combination and shape colouring, always resolved in the light of the theory of eventuality.

Introduced by
Irene De Vico Fallani MAXXI Research

Sergio Lombardo artist
Vincenzo Napolano scientific communicator and curator at National Institute of Nuclear Physics
Francesca Pola art historian and curator, professor at Università Cattolica in Milan

Moderated by
Simone Zacchini contemporary art historian, poet and performer

In collaboration with galleria 1/9unosunove and Fondazione Mudima