Photo Matteo Carratoni
Saturday 29 October 2016 ore 18:00 - ore 20:00

Dancing performanceJump/spin

Guido Reni Hall – admittance € 5,00 – 3 meetings € 10,00 – free for myMAXXI cardholders.
Purchase of a ticket provides for reduced price museum entrance within one week of issue.

A project conceived and curated by Anna Lea Antolini, with the academics Ada D’Adamo, Rossella Battisti, Gaia Clotilde Chernetich and the dancers from the Balletto di Roma Fabio Novembrini, Roberta Racis and Francesco Saverio Cavaliere.

Performance and dance, a project based on the active participation of academics, dancers and the audience

Through a practical-theoretical lesson open to all and based on simple actions that from everyday life achieve the status of dance, the meeting stimulates non-conventional audience participation.

Introducing the audience to the performative idiom through its history and the experience of ordinary action, we re-evaluate the everyday and its gestures within an artistic context and rediscover that performance art belongs to the history of humanity.

Each lesson is animated by an expert in dance, a dancer and by the audience itself and is composed of a practical-theoretical part and one of “physical transmission”, rethinking actions we know well but never stop to think about and discovering in an informal way the key passages in the history of dance and performance.

with Gaia Clotilde Chernetich and Francesco Saverio Cavaliere

Even though it seems straight, the horizon is an arc, a curved line. On this curvilinear surface, in the presence of certain conditions, our body is capable of making exceptional gestures: spinning, optimizing the thrusts of rotation to generate others; jumping, overcoming terrestrial gravity.
In the third encounter we shall examine the dimensions of movement, their history and practice, in a theoretical-practical exploration that makes of dance its instrument of awareness.

Coproduced with – Cronaca Memoria dello Spettacolo for R.I.SI.CO. Interactive network for Choreographical Systems in collaboration with MAXXI, with the direct participation of the Balletto di Roma and the contribution of Mibact – Live Performance Department