Thursday 1 January 1970

ROMA. Città dei Fori

Thursday 17 April, 18.30
MAXXI B.A.S.E. – Graziella Lonardi Buontempo Hall – admittance free

How can Ancient and Modern co-exist?
A group of researchers, led by Professor Raffaele Panella from the DiAP – the Department of Architecture and Planning at La Sapienza University in Rome – has developed a project that on the basis of the recent contemporary archaeological explorations, provides for the configuration of the area that from Piazza Venezia traverses the Imperial Fora as far as the Colosseum.

Out of this idea was born ROMA. Città dei Fori, the book by Raffaele Panella that illustrates the transformation of Via dei Fori imperiali into a viaduct reuniting the ancient imperial piazzas and the monuments of the past with the city and contemporary life.

introduced by
Margherita Guccione Director MAXXI Architettura

Alessandra Muntoni Contemporary architecture historian
Daniele Manacorda Archaeologist and researcher in the urban archaeology of Rome
Francesco Garofalo Architect
Carlo Gasparrini Architect, author of the new regulatory plan for Rome’s ancient city
Giovanni Caudo Assessor for Urban Transformation for Roma Capitale

Piero Ostilio Rossi Director of the Department of Architecture and Planning, La Sapienza University