Thursday 1 January 1970

Roma città aperta

Tuesday 27 May, 17.00
MAXXI B.A.S.E., Graziella Lonardi Buontempo Hall – free admittance subject to availability

What contribution does Rome make to contemporaneity today?
Can it be considered a modern city?

We shall be attempting to provide answers to these and other questions during the seminar, analysing the role of the Italian capital within the international panorama from the point of view of contemporary creativity.
A number of recent events, such as the death of artists and intellectuals associated with the city, together with the departure of others to alternative destinations, have contributed to the changing civic fabric and determined a void that is difficult to define.

The currency of the moment is the freedom to follow diverse trends…
one certainly needs to be ready to grasp creative innovation where it is born

Carla Accardi, Rome, 1992
All too infrequently artists, protagonists and essential components of the system, speak about this subject, which is of particular currency and is instead debated by other experts in the sector.

This seminar, one of the events organized in connection with PREMIO MAXXI 2014, derives from the idea of sharing with the public the thoughts of artists regarding their experience of Rome through stories, films, photographs, readings and performances.

introduced by
Hou Hanru Artistic Director MAXXI

Pier Paolo Pancotto critic and curator
Anna Mattirolo Director MAXXI Arte

contributing artists
Alvin Curran
Andrea Salvino via skype
Alberto Di Fabio
Avish Khebrehzadeh
Bruna Esposito
Corin Sworn
Donatella Spaziani
Giorgio Andreotta Calò via skype
Giuseppe Penone
Linda Fregni Nagler
Luca Trevisani via skype
Marinella Senatore
Max Renkel
Micol Assaël
Miltos Manetas via skype
Mircea Cantor
Valentino Diego
Yuri Ancarani

Live at 21.30 by RAM radioartemobile