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The Histories of Architecture.Rome 1970-2015. Five seasons for the city

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Five lectures examining the urban and architectural history of modern and contemporary Rome from 1870 to the present day

45 years in the urban history of Rome divided into five temporal segments that roughly correspond to the decades by which they are spanned: in each of them we can identify themes, urban strategies and events that impacted on the forms of the architecture and the development of the city.
What are the themes that will characterise the city in the near future?

Piero Ostilio Rossi is a lecturer in Architectural and Urban Composition in the Faculty of Architecture of La Sapienza University and director of the Department of Architecture and Design. He is the author of Rome. Guida all’architettura moderna, Laterza, of which four editions have been published in 1984, 1991, 2000 and 2012 and Per la città di Roma. Mario Ridolfi urbanista 1944-1954 (Quodlibet, 2013). He has also contributed to Roma 1993-2003. Dieci anni di cambiamento (Donzelli, 2003) and Roma. La nuova Architettura (Electa, 2006). He was the coordinator of the study group that drew up the Investigation into the contemporary city for the “Quality Charter” of the 2008 Rome regulatory plan.

The Histories of Architecture. Lectures on Rome
27 February – 14 May 2016

The first edition of The Histories of Architecture: this year the series examines the transformations in the architecture of the capital from 1870 through to the present day.
Introductions by Margherita Guccione, director MAXXI Architettura.